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Conventional Metal Magnetron Sputtering System

YNS-450 Conventional Metal Magnetron Sputtering System


1-Equipment Characteristics:
Fully automatic program control to achieve automatic coating with oneclick.Adopting a confocal sputtering structure with a compact structure, fully functional, easy to operate by users, stable and reliable, suitable for research and development and small batch production needs.

2-Equipment Composition:
Single/multi slice injection chamber、process chamber、sputtering system、vacuum system、heating/cooling system、gas transmission system、substrate pre cleaning system、automatic program control system, etc.

DC sputtering, RF sputtering, co sputtering, reactive sputtering.

4-Sputtered Material:
non magnetic metal materials、 magnetic metal materials (iron, cobalt, nickel, etc.)、non-conducting material.


YNS-450, YNS-530, YNS-600, YNS-800

Component Characteristics

1-Workpiece table:
Revolve, speed adjustable from 5 to 20, real time monitoring and display with RF bias pre cleaning function, improve film adhesion; optional high-temperature, room temperature, and low-temperature workpiece discs, with temperature control accuracy better than ±3℃.

2-Injection chamber:
Standard single chip injection chamber, optional multi chip injection chamber and independent high vacuum system for injection chamber.

3-Sputtering target:
The target base distance and sputtering angle can be manually adjusted, with an angle range of 0-30 and a target base distance range of120-170mm.Adjusting the height and angle can optimize sputtering uniformity and step coverage

4-Power supply:

Two DC power supplies, one for use and one for backup; one RF power supply to achieve bias pre cleaning and one target RF sputtering.

Main Performance Parameters

  • Extreme vacuum: better than 5^-7 torr;

  • Pumping speed: The pumping time from the atmosphere to 5^-6 torr is less than 45 minutes;

  • Heating: The maximum heating temperature of the workpiece is 350°C, and the temperature control accuracy is better than soil 3℃;

  • Coating uniformity: better than soil 5%;

  • Coating repeatability: better than soil 3%.

Film Forming Characteristics

  • The film has high purity, good density, good substrate adhesion, and high ionization rate;

  • The deposition rate is fast, and the temperature rise of the substrate is low. For most materials;

  • As long as it can be made into a target material, sputtering can be achieved;

  • Different materials can achieve mixed co sputtering.

YNS Series Conventional Metal Magnetron Sputtering System Specifications

Installation Requirements:

YNS Installation Requirements

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