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Evaporation System

YEM-450 Evaporation System


1-Evaporation Type:
Electron beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, high-frequency induction evaporation, ion source assisted evaporation.

2-Equipment Composition:
Process room, vacuum system, temperature control system, gas transmission system, mechanical system evaporation source, fully automatic program control system, safety system.

3-Application Types:
Metal evaporation and dielectric material evaporation.

4-Optional Configurations:
Quartz crystal film thickness controller, auxiliary ion source (RF source and Hall source), single/multi workpiece automatic sampling chamber, etc.

5-Model: (The model number represents the chamber size)

Metal Evaporation: YEM-450, YEM-700, YEM-800, YEM-900

Medium Film Evaporation: YED-450, YED-700, YED-800, YED-900

Component Characteristics

1-Evaporation source: 
Electronic gun, resistance.

2-Film thickness control: 
Multi point crystal probe equipped with quartz crystal film thickness controller, integrated into the main control system for control.

3-Temperature control: 
Heating on resistance wire、heating under halogen lamp.

4-Exhaust system: 
Mechanical pump+Roots pump+molecular pump or cold pump.

Auxiliary ion sources (RF or Hall sources)、automatic injection chamber, etc.

Main Performance Parameters

  • Extreme vacuum: better than 5^-7 torr;

  • Pumping speed: The pumping time from the atmosphere to 5^-6 torr is less than 40 minutes;

  • Heating: Quartz lamp heating method, independent temperature controlheating and cooling cycle machine, etc;

  • Coating uniformity: better than ±2%;

  • Coating repeatability: better than ±1%.

Film Forming Characteristics

  • Large coating area

  • Easy maintenance

  • Fast sedimentation rate

  • High device stability

  • Multiple materials can be deposited alternately in the same process

Installation Requirements:

Evaporation System Installation Requirements

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