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Indium Evaporation Dedicated System

YE-450L Indium Evaporation Dedicated System


Suitable for growing indium columns on substrates with aspect ratio photoresist graphics, stable and reliable, high degree of automation control, simple maintenance, and can meet professional indium column deposition process requirements.

Main Configuration

1-The inner diameter of the equipment is 450mm in length, 450mm in width,1100mm in height, and the evaporation distance is 900mm.

2-Stainless steel detachable protective plate, with a multi piece structure in the inner village for easy disassembly and installation.

3-According to the highly volatile nature of indium, the exhaust port is protected by an anti fouling plate, which mainly serves:

  • Preventing pollution of exhaust pipes 

  • Preventing turbulence caused by vacuum pumping

  • Insulation, reduce the temperature rise of low-temperature pumps in heating processes.

4-Equipped with resistance evaporation source or high-frequency induction evaporation source.

5-Quartz crystal film thickness controller, with crystal feedback controlling the final thickness of the film.

6-Quartz lamp baking for degassing, with a maximum temperature rise of 100℃, temperature control accuracy better than ±2℃, and uniformity < ±5℃.

7-Low temperature cooling workpiece table, controllable refrigerant temperature from -40℃ to room temperature (workpiece plate -20℃).

8-Based on the Cimplicity process control software development platform of GE, a fully automatic computer control system with computer and programmable logic controller control is developed. It can achieve "one click" operation of multi-layer film processes, create, edit, and store process files, have automatic recording function of process parameters, and hierarchical operation mode. Optimize the program functions according to the requirements of the process personnel, more in line with their operating habits.

Main Performance Parameters

  • Extreme vacuum: better than 5^-7 torr (In a clean and dry vacuum chamber, vacuum for less than 12 hours);

  • Pumping speed: The pumping time from the atmosphere to 5^-6 torr is less than 40 minutes;

  • Overall leakage rate of vacuum chamber: better than 5^-5 torr. l/s;

  • Coating uniformity: Better than ±3% uniformity within an 8inch range;

  • Coating repeatability: better than ±2%.

Installation Requirements:

Indium Evaporation Dedicated System Installation Requirements

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