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NEW Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Unit

NEW Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Unit


1-The advantages of new reactive magnetron sputtering technology compared to lBD technology:
Lower manufacturing and usage costs, greater production capacity; It can achieve multi target co sputtering, with stronger stress regulation ability and no damage to semiconductor substrates. It can be used for glass or semi-conductor substrates and is widely used.

2-Equipment Characteristics:
Fully automatic program control achieves "one click" completion, using a confocal/vertical sputtering structure, compact structure, comprehensive functions, user-friendly operation interface, stable and reliable, suitable for research and development and production needs.

3-Equipment Composition:
Single/multi workpiece iniection chamber, process chamber, sputtering system, RF ion source auxiliary system, vacuum system, heating/cooling system, gas transmission system, fully automatic program control system,etc.

4-Sputtering Type:
DC pulse reactive sputtering, RF reactive sputtering reactive co sputtering.

Sputtering generates various dielectric materials, such as oxides, nitrides, nitrogen oxides, etc.


YRSⅡ-650, YRSⅡ-750, YRSⅡ-900

Component Characteristics

1-Type of workpiece disc: 
Public rotary disc, planetary disc, automatic flipping workpiece disc, temperature control workpiece disc, etc.

2-Sputtering power supply: 
Using pulse DC power supply (frequency 40K, 50% -90% adjustable duty cycle) and RF power supply.

3-Stone crystal control: 
Does not control the sputtering rate, the sputtering rate is controlled by power, and crystal control only assists in controlling the final deposited film thickness.

4-Radio frequency ion source: 
Low energy, no pollution, no damage.

Main Performance Parameters

  • Extreme vacuum: better than 5^-7 torr;

  • Pumping speed: The pumping time from the atmosphere to 5^-6 torr is less than 40 minutes;

  • Heating: The quartz lamp baking chamber removes water vapor, with a maximum temperature of 150℃ and a temperature control accuracy better than ±2℃. Coating uniformity: Within a batch, the uniformity on the fixture is better than ±0.5%;

  • Coating repeatability: better than ±0.5%

  • Film layer density: High density thin films can be plated, and the film layer isdense without temperature drift. The peak wavelength drift of the single layer film measured using a spectrophotometer or ellipsometer is less than 0.2% (at 80-100℃,water for 1hour)

Film Forming Characteristics

Mainly used for coating high-quality dielectric thin films:

  • High membrane density

  • Good uniformity

  • High purity

  • Fewer film defects control

  • Low surface roughness

  • High precision in film thickness

YRSII Model Features

Installation Requirements:

NEW Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Unit Models basic specifications

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