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Roots Vacuum Pump

BSJ100Z and BSJ600LC series Roots Vacuum Pump
  • BSJ100Z series are including BSJ70L, BSJ150L, and BSJ300L, which are direct drive roots vacuum pump.

  • BSJ600LC series are including BSJ600LC and BSJ1200LC, which are hydraulic coupling roots vacuum pump.


  • The use of oil-free intermediate seal, multiple sealed way to ensure the high clean vacuum environment in the rotor chamber

  • Advanced processing to ensure the good geometrical symmetry of the rotors, as well as low noise and long service life.

  • Special shaft seal is used to achieve the long stable running without oil leakage.

  • The BSJ-L series are made of all-aluminum alloy, heat sink, corrosion resistance, and eficient energy saving. The BSJ-LC series are made of cast iron.The unique liquid coupling method enables the pump to start directly under the atmosphere, which greatly reduces the time of pumping.

  • Compact structure, light weight, and small volume.

BSJ100Z series direct drive roots vacuum pump specifications
BSJ100Z series direct drive roots vacuum pump rate curve
BSJ600LC series hydraulic coupling roots pump specifications
BSJ600LC series hydraulic coupling roots pump rate curve

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