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Vacuum Motion

Our vacuum motion adopts advanced design technology and modular design. Through the combination of different modules, it can realize functions such as lifting and lowering differential, high temperature anti-oxidation, and rotation.
Our sample stage is suitable for various advanced thin film growth and deposition techniques, including MBE, PLD, magnetron sputtering and EB, etc., can also be used for substrate annealing, high temperature degassing and material modification.

Product Features:

The maximum heating temperature of the substrate is 1100°C;

Accessible to RF/DC;

Continuous rotation, speed 0-20 rpm;

Modular design allows a variety of combination configuration options;

Sample size accommodates up to 8 inches.

Product advantages:

1-DC bias or RF bias is introduced into the module

Radio frequency can be connected to the sample substrate for substrate cleaning before deposition, or DC bias can be connected to obtain better deposition or growth film characteristics.

2-Small lifting adjustment module

Control the distance between the oven and the sample holder for functions such as sample handover as well as temperature maintenance and uniformity control.

The sample rotation and differential axial small lifting adopt hollow magnetic coupling design, in which, the sample rotation is driven by a stepping motor, and the differential small lifting is driven by a cylinder.

3. Large lifting adjustment module

The maximum lifting adjustment amount can be customized, the standard adjustment amount: 60mm, and the deposition uniformity and deposition rate are affected by adjusting the distance.

4. Baffle module

Manually, electrically or pneumatically actuated sample shutters are used to control the progression or blocking of deposition.

5. Heater and thermocouple module

According to the difference of working temperature and working atmosphere, various heating solutions are designed and optimized. The heater is designed to install multi-layer shielding to reduce heat loss. The heating element has a variety of options such as iron-chromium-aluminum wire, platinum wire, graphite, graphite-coated SiC or solid SiC. The heating temperature can be from room temperature to 1100 ° C, and has a relatively Good temperature uniformity, among which graphite coated SiC or solid SiC are suitable for use in high temperature oxygen rich environment. K-type thermocouple or C-type thermocouple can be selected for different heating temperature ranges.

6. Zero positioning

A magnetic switch provides zero positioning of the sample stage rotation.

7. Sample stage installation

Mounting flange: CF50-CF250, can be installed in any direction.


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